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Memorial Service

Caisson carrying SFC Gutierrez.
I was honored to attend the Memorial service for United States Army SFC Javier Gutierrez and to witness the pomp and ceremony for one of our latest fallen heroes. As I told the Legionnaires at the Mid Winter Conference, I believe in the traditions of our military and that of the American Legion. They are sacred to both, to remember that life sacrificed for ones belief or country is the most unselfish act and to remember the devoted hours of voluntary service one gives The American Legion to serve those who have served. These should always be remembered and celebrated with ceremony. May we never render these traditions old and obsolete!
In the picture above you see the Caisson carrying SFC Gutierrez’s body to the memorial service. In the picture below you see United States Army, Major General John W. Brennan Jr. paying his last respects to Ms. Gaby Gutierrez, wife of our soldier, departed from our ranks, as he salutes the flag that cradled his casket to the assembly area. Where he is to be laid to rest at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.  
US Army Major General John W. Brennan
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