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American Legion Updates

Due to Covid-19 there has been a multitude of changes being made within The American Legion programs. Many of the programs have been cancelled. Theses are the following effected programs , Junior Shooting Competition, Legion Baseball and Boys State. Many of our meetings are being cancelled or on video meetings.

This is how serious The American Legion is about this virus. In fact the Boys State program may be a video session with the boys. Because of the inability to operate as usual, we have been given an opportunity to need our goals and paperwork. All dead lines have been extended by one month.

Although the aforementioned items are important to the post. They are not as important as the health and well being of our members. We have formed a buddy check list and all the officers will be calling our members to ensure you are all OK! If anything is needed by anybody, please do not hesitate to call me or your favorite post officer. Together, if we follow all the suggested measures, we will get through this. Please be patient, please be courteous at the store and please keep your social distance.

Until we meet again, be safe, look for the bright side and don’t get discouraged.

It’s our time to do what is right

We are facing uncertain times. Today San Antonio announce the Stay Home Stay Safe campaign. I agree with what they have offered to keep our communities safe from the coronaviris. We must understand that this is the only way we can survive without a major breakout. Unfortunately some people will suffer not by the virus but by their livelihood.

We must look out for our fellow post members. There may be members that get furloughed of lose their jobs all together. I hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does please don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. This is not your fault. Within our Preamble of the Constitution of The American Legion states, “Our devotion to mutual helpfulness.” Don’t feel lost if you need someone to talk to, call any of your friends within the Post. Call me call any officer, we are here to help.

I work with others in the supply chain. They state there is no shortage of anything. They also equate the rushing of the store to the spreading of the virus. Overrunning the hospitals, using up all the medication, all the bed space and leaving others to fend for themselves. The same at the stores, only take what you need, leave some for someone less fortunate than you. The next day the store will be restocked and there still will be no shortages.

Please take care of yourselves, follow the all precautions to keep you and your’s safe and healthy. Please stay at home unless you need to go to the store, doctor appointments or any emergencies. Follow all the suggested requirements to keep this horrid disease from spreading.

God please bless this Post, The American Legion and The United States of America.

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