Together we will get through these hard times

Delivering food and medical supplies

Fellow Legionnaires:

The vast mayority of our Robert F. McDermott members are in the high risk category. Some of our members continue to work since they are considered essential at their workplace. Others continue to volunteer their time at the Fisher House and VA Hospital. We were also able to deliver food and medical supplies to a widow and her two daghters who were quarentined waiting for coronavirus results. Thanks to God the results were negative and are doing well. Whether you are high risk category or not, please let us know how you are doing and if you need or can provide assistance to our veterans and/or the community. Also let us know if you have information to share with our members that could be helpful to get assistance during this pandemic. Send me the information via email or text message and I’ll post it in the website for everyone to have access to the information. Our executive meeting is this Wednesday (3 June 2020) and we will be addressing some of these issues as well as how to adapt to the new challenges. Meantime please continue to follow the guidance of social distancing so we can stay healthy and we’ll get through this pandemic.


Jaime F. Caratini (Post Adjutant)

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