Membership Booth 3/7/20

Service Officer Elesa Arnett, Executive Officer Karen Stark, Post Member Grace Laih and Commander Willis E. Gray III at Helotes Market Days. Not Pictures Adjutant Jaime Caratini.

We all had a great day at the Helotes Market Days. Got to talk to a lot of veterans and future veterans about The American Legion. We had one of those days were we interacted with so many people. I enjoy hearing the stories of the veterans and active duty.

We talk with ladies who have lost their husbands that were in the Armed Forces. They tell of the places they were stationed and their stories they had with their friends and there adventures. Some times they make you laugh and other times they are sad stories.

We also see those who will talk yet can’t share all, because of the bad memories they so rather keep secret. We see those with scares or prosthesis that help them do their everyday routines. We can’t imagine what their shoes are like. But for the most part they are willing to stop by and tell us “thanks for you service and thanks to The American Legion for all the things it does for us.”

Is it easy to run a membership booth? Is it enjoyable? Answer is yes. Is it easy to get people to join? Yes and no. I compare it to fishing. Some days the weather is just right, you make the presentation just right, you feel the nibble and next thing you know you caught them, and that day you get your limit. Other days the weather is not quite right you still have the same lure, you make the same presentation, and you get nibble after nibble and you don’t land a fish all day.

Whether you get your limit or just get nibbles. The best thing is being able to talk to the veterans and their families. The camaraderie that develops with your fellow post members. Getting to know their stories, personalities and becoming friends. A friendship you will remember all your life.

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