Helotes Councilman Guest Speaker

Guest speaker Helotes City Councilman Alan Holmes

We were honored by the presents of Place One City Councilman Alan Holmes. Councilman Holmes talked to the members about upcoming changes in the city of Helotes. Alan was a hugh part of the new pedestrian bridge over Los Reyes Creek. Mr. Holmes also said the city is planing a water park at the Fitness Park off of FM 1560.

Councilman Holmes also told a story of a neighbor that lived down the street. The man kept to himself he was in his eighties. One day another neighbor told Alan that their neighbor was a WWII bomber pilot. A week or so later Alan saw the ex bomber pilot cutting his grass. Alan stopped the man and asked about his experiences in WWII. The mans eyes lite up and told his stories of his time in Europe. The councilmen asked if had written any of his stories down. The man answered no. Alan encouraged us to write down our experiences while we were in the service. His reasoning was, his neighbor had no family left. When he passed no one would know his stories. The knowledge of his life on the earth would be gone forever.

Councilman Holmes’s father served our nation, our SAL chairman solicits him to join the Squadron.

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